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Apple iPhone 6 (16Gb)

Product Review (submitted on August 26, 2007):
I only needed a basic phone - no MP3, camera, or FM radio. This phone delivered with great reception, good sound quality, great battery life, and a very small size. Inside a building it works great. Why the low score? The tinted plastic over the display makes it impossible to see the display outdoors and in the car. If the sun is out, forget it! I even managed to figure out how to remove all of the wallpaper backgrounds and to maximize the contrast. Still, don't plan to use this outdoors. Nokia should recall this product to replace the tinted cover. Update: Yesterday this phone took was accidently dropped onto a very hard ceramic tile floor and it still works perfectly! A similar drop ended the life of my digital camera a few months ago. So, if I were to rate this cell phone now I would give it 3 stars, maybe even 4 stars. I like reliable, sturdy stuff and this cell seems to be unusually well made.